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Every week, Imported Horror brings you the best of fiendish ghouls, bloodthirsty zombies and creepy ghosts from beyond the shining seas. We explore international horror movies and television shows from around the globe that are readily available on American streaming services. All episodes are spoiler-free.

Oct 27, 2023

Is it a slow burn if every character is unlikeable? This week, we're pining for the fjords as we trek to Norway for Sacrifice (United Kingdom, 2020), an underwhelming Lovecrafty horror with too much angst and too few tentacles. We also watch a graphic betentacled affair between an alien and the protagonist of The Untamed (Mexico & others, 2016) and look forward to chilling goats and benthic arachnids as When Evil Lurks (Argentina & USA, 2023) and Mad Spider Sea (Taiwan, 2020) drop on streaming this week.