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Every week, Imported Horror brings you the best of fiendish ghouls, bloodthirsty zombies and creepy ghosts from beyond the shining seas. We explore international horror movies and television shows from around the globe that are readily available on American streaming services. All episodes are spoiler-free.

Jun 10, 2021

There's a long-forgotten god deep in the jungles of the Amazon. Turns out, he's a big fan of "Alien" and enjoys turning the tables on everyone plundering his relics. When his cursed mask gets whisked away to Sao Paulo, it possesses a professional wrestler and wreaks havoc on a dirty cop, an ex-guerrilla and a sword fighting priest. It's a flawed but entertaining graveyard smash. Also, what classic horror mask would you rather find at a cursed horror convention?

Motion Picture Terror Scale: 1. Quality: 2 (Marcus) / 3 (Melissa & Grady). Enjoyment: 3 / 5 but also 2, for different parts of the uneven film / 4

Articles mentioned in this episode:

"Interview with Kapel Furman, co-director and SFX master on Skull: The Mask," by James Whittington for Horror Channel UK

"Bolsonaro visits indigenous lands in Amazon despite protests," by Anthony Boadle for Reuters

"Reviews: Skull: The Mask" by Nick Allen for