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Every week, Imported Horror brings you the best of fiendish ghouls, bloodthirsty zombies and creepy ghosts from beyond the shining seas. We explore international horror movies and television shows from around the globe that are readily available on American streaming services. All episodes are spoiler-free.

Jun 6, 2024

What's scarier: Creatures from the uncanny valley crawling up to do horrifying things that shouldn't be possible for stop motion animation, or generations of serial killers stalking and scalping their victims? If you answered stop motion, you're right - that's undeniably freakier - but both options are totally worth watching. This week, Grady and Melissa are thoroughly chilled by Stopmotion (United Kingdom, 2023) and Marcus popped some popcorn for thirty years of creepy Danish slashers with Nightwatch (1994) and Nightwatch: Demons are Forever (2023). Plus - inky body horror and a Tubi surprise are dropping this week, and technical difficulties reawaken the AI-generated "Funk Bot" in the last seven-ish minutes.

Articles mentioned in this episode:

"Stopmotion director says his brand of animation is necromancy," by Tasha Robinson for Polygon

"AMC Networks Promotes Emily Gotto to Senior Vice President of Acquisitions and Production for Shudder," by AMC Networks. Note: My memory of this release was fuzzy and I got some important details wrong, but the head of international acquisitions is still getting a big promotion and we still Stan Shudder.