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Every week, Imported Horror brings you the best of fiendish ghouls, bloodthirsty zombies and creepy ghosts from beyond the shining seas. We explore international horror movies and television shows from around the globe that are readily available on American streaming services. All episodes are spoiler-free.

Jan 23, 2020

Thanks to Disney, many Americans stereotype mermaids as mute and charming redheads. In Russia, though, the rusalka isn't sweet - she's got claws and a taste for blood. Marcus and Melissa dive in to Slavic folklore, spectacularly creepy makeup and a vintage campy monster movie. Also, would you rather die to spare your friends a horror death, or run for the hills and leave everyone to fend for themselves?

Motion Picture Terror Scale: 2. Quality: 4. Personal enjoyment: 5 (Marcus) / 4 (Melissa)

Articles mentioned in this episode:

"Rusalka: The Mythical Slavic Mermaid," by Kerry Sullivan in Ancient Origins

"Do You Love Me? The Mermaid: Lake of the Dead Review," by Frank Fulci in Repulsive Reviews

"Infamous Horror had an interview with The Mermaid: Lake of the Dead’s director," in Infamous Horror